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Lugslist provides a list of Linux User Groups all over the world. A Linux User Groups, or LUG (so if you thought that this site was about Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation or Lesbian Until Graduation, you are on the wrong page), is a local organization that provides support, education and friendly meetings for GNU/Linux users. It is generally non-for-profit and encompass other free operating systems like *BSD.


Lugslist started in 2015 because the free software community didn't have an up to date worldwide list about LUGs. Two famous list of LUGs of the 2000s were discontinued : 'Linux Worldwide' (240+ LUGs over 49 countries), provided by Woven Goods for Linux and hosted by Limestone Resources at the University of Oregon from 1999 to 2008 ; and the 'Groups of Linux Users Everywhere' (300+ LUGs over 30+ countries), provided by Linux Journal from 1996 to 2009. The main still active lists at the creation of the site were the one provided by Lea-Linux (300+ LUGs over 39 countries), but it was in French only and still not complete, and the one at DMOZ (100+ LUGs over 15 countries). Our intend was to be as good as those lists - and even better.


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