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How to be on Lugslist

In order to figure on the list here, your organization doesn't have to be strictly a LUG (it could be an hackerspace or a fab lab, for example), but its activities have to be mainly about Linux and/or free software. Your LUG has also to be active - if you haven't done any activities for 2 years, you can't be on the list. To avoid zombie LUG in the list, your LUG has to be more than 6 months old and has to organize events sometimes. We will try to be as fair and neutral as possible, but we reserve the right to refuse any group which wouldn't meet the requirements above.

To submit a LUG which is not yet on the site (please verify!), you can send us an email with the name of your organization, the location and a link. Please give the location of your main base. Some LUGs pretend to be regional, but it is pretty rare that a group of free software activists is really active constantly over a big area. A newly submitted LUG will not be added to the website immediately; we receive a lot of submissions each month and we don't have the time and resources to add every one of them to the list straight away. Please be patient.

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